In ensuring that loans issued by SIDO are used by entrepreneurs for the intended purpose, SIDO has begun to train its entrepreneurs about how to use the loans they have requested for the establishment or development of small industries in the country. Initially, SIDO was providing loans to entrepreneurs without conducting surveillance when the loan reversal was implemented. Through the new  program of MIKOPO PLUS, SIDO makes sure that any entrepreneurs who apply for loans from SIDO, demonstrate how they will be able to use  it and relevant SIDO staff has to make a follow up on  whether what you have applied for has been used as intended. In doing so, the loan provided will not only help entrepreneurs themselves but also govern the policy of the establishment / development of small industries in the country.

There is clear evidence that some entrepreneurs have not met the criteria for credit acquisition for specific reasons such as lack of entrepreneurial skills, operating their businesses in unauthorized areas, improper record keeping, lack of business environment, having lending from other financial institutions, lack of reliable guarantor etc.

This has occurred in SIDO Geita where 42 applications for small loans were received and among them only 7 people succeeded in obtaining loans where 35 were not eligible. Those who were unworthy were trained on what to do with the criteria to consider. The participants were very happy because some did not fully understand about SIDO's credit rating and congratulated SIDO Geita's office to continue providing education even to others.